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Looking for the Best In-Car or Online Defensive Driving Course from Accredited Driving School in Nigeria? We’re registered Automobile Motoring Company that offer fast track intensive diving training, modern learning facilities, free road safety advice, on-demand drivers outsourcing, logistics and fleet management services. Login to portal access.

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Find professional vehicle instructors and connect with FRSC certified driving school near you. ABDrives is designed to help you become a better driver and pass your driving test by using online and offline services. Our teams are ready to teach you the easiest and safest ways to drive any kind of motor vehicles in Nigeria. Contact us for free consultation.

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We offer professional driving services to help you pass road inspection exams and get driver’s license.

Teen Driver Coaching

Are you 18 years and excited to hit the roadway? Start your first driving lesson with premier teenage driving school in Nigeria. Know your vehicle, learn how to start safely and progress behind the wheels with ease.

Online Driving Course

With our online learning portal and resources, we're available 24/7 to train first-time drivers, adult learners, commercial drivers and international students; we retrain drivers to get excellent skills to drive on any roads.

Private Adult Classes

Our licensed driving tutors understand city routes, streets maps and urban highways across Nigeria. They teach defensive driving techniques, how to avoid possible collisions caused by poor weather and other road users.

FRSC Driver's License Test

Take driving test or enroll in best driver academy with latest course materials and FRSC past questions on right of way rules, highway codes, traffic laws, road signs, hazard perception and crash prevention.

Cooperate Driver Lessons

Our cooperate driving programs teach safety regulations, vehicle maintenance skills, how to build confident and eliminate bad driving habits; distraction, impatience, overspeeding and traffic violation while on the road.

Truck Driving Training

Stay organized and navigate the wobble. Start as a fresher and become a professional in just 3 weeks. Learn every aspects of driving a car, jeep, bus, van, motorcycle riding, truck driving, and articulated vehicles like trailer.

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Enroll for online course or behind-the-wheel driving training. All our lessons cover the latest rules of the road. 


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Students & Parents Questions

Book advanced or evasive driving course from leading mobility training school in Nigeria.

Please click Login to register and choose a package. Do you want to be trained as a private driver, commercial driver, professional driver or emergency rescue expert? Welcome to AB Drives Nigeria; the right place to Learn, Pass and Drive with Confidence! We offer online and offline learning options, including Classroom theory sessions, Practical Driving Courses and Theory Test that are designed to make you a better driver, help you pass your final exams and get your driver’s license or renewal. 

Our eLearning Portal or Classroom Drivers Education is the first step to getting the most effective defensive maneuvers, traffic safety rules and advanced driving techniques. Its  convenient, effective and developed to meet your individual or corporate study needs. Here, you will learn the easiest and safest way to drive any kind of motor vehicles; both manual and automatic vehicles. From Theory Test, the L-Plate, to Licensing, our course will set you on the highway to success! 

How The Online Drivers Learning Work:

All you need to do is to register and be engaged in each step of the learning process. Check if you have understood things by going through the Theory Test at the end of each course. Next, put your knowledge into practice under the guidance of our assigned Driving Instructor; and soon you will be ready for your Final Road Test and prepare for the FRSC Driver’s License Test. We make sure you do not only acquire the traffic knowledge and practical driving skills you need; but also an excellent hazard free driving experience that keeps you safe on the roads for life.

At AB Drives, we offer driving training based on Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Accredited Driving Courses and Code of Conducts that are of international recognized standards. We provide learning materials for our students; such as Video Guides, Training Manuals, Workbook, Safety Advise and other important resources you need when you purchase a Full Study Pack. Again, we provide one-on-one Practical Driving Test and the best possible services or support to all our clients.

Simply click Book Appointment to choose package and schedule your physical driving lesson. If you own a vehicle or intend to buy one, then its a necessity for you to learn pratical defensive driving skills and get familiar with the rules and regulations on road useage. Everybody can drive. Yes! But before you can get out on the road and start driving a car, a bus, truck or a motorbike, you need to learn the basic driving skills and have the knowledge of the road sings. The most important aspect of driving is safety. It takes a good driver to ensure regular vehicle maintenance and to drive with caution even under several weather conditions.

Most people believe that once they learn to move a car, they are good to go. However, it is advised that you attend a qualified driving school to learn the particular vehicle you plan to drive. This is because there are different training programs for cars, buses, trucks and many other types of vehicles. For new driver, we help you get your first provisional driving licence for a car, motorbike, moped, bus, truck or other types of vehicles from the FRSC licensing office. We also process vehicle registrations and documentation.

At AB Derives, we provide a wide array of learning and supportive options you need to improve your driving and road use performance. We offer the next generation of drivers the tools and safe environment for learning to drive vehicles; using the most recent automobile technologies and world class transportation standards. Our goal is to save lives and reduce the number of injures on our roads every year.

At Abdrives.com.ng, we observe government approved safety measures; including the use of personal protective equipment during and after our training sessions. We ensure that all our vehicles are in good working conditions with good braking system and at least third party insurance cover.

Due to the increased rate of road traffic crash in Nigeria, the national safety council, government institutions, families and agencies have raised concerns for a different approach to road safety campaigns. Whether minor, major or fatal, an accident is never a deliberate attempt to cause harm or inflict any degree of pain to individuals and corporate businesses. Parents are advised to ensure that their children are up to 18 year of age and are properly trained in any accredited driving institutions in Nigeria befor hitting the runway.

As the flagship of safe driving in Nigeria, AB Drives believes that road safety should be a shared responsibility. Apart from taking good care of our students, drivers and vehicles, we akso carry out research, inform; audit and provide expert driving consultancy and road safety advice that are shaping our society for the better. Our aim is to prevent thousands of deaths and serious injuries through strengthened road safety campaigns and compliance management systems.

If you have committed a second degree at fault accident this year, involving in a collision where someone was injured or you are stranded in traffic due to car breakdowns; you can browse through this site for Free Road Safety Tips, learn about Road Crossing Codes for School Children and our Online Driver Assessment Tools. Again, you can also enroll for our 5-day Emergency Management, Crash Avoidance and Drivers Improvement Course.

Additionally, you can become a Road Safety Ambassador at AB Drives by joining our Road Safety Club. And together, we will save lives and reduce the number of injuries on our roads and prevent road accidents in Nigeria, Africa and across the whole world. 

 We exercise utmost care while providing you with the most suitable driving packages> Our FRSC certified instructors take your unique situations and specific requirements into consideration. Since the speed at which people learn to drive depends on the skills of the assigned Driving Training Instructor (DTI), the quality of the Materials provided and the training system used, we will continue to providing the the best servicers at affordable prices. 

When choosing a driving school for yourself, your chilred, your staff, friend or other members of your family; it is always important to make the right choice and ABDrives is the best scholl to consider. Our driving learning system offer the newest and exciting ways you can learn to drive and maintain the service condition of your vehicles. With our fast track Intensive Driving Courses that are carefully planned, expertly delivered and combined with modern driving training facilities, we ate commited to offer you 100% satisfaction.

A good driving lesson is a gift for life! And AB Drives is your flagship for safe driving in Nigeria. No matter the types of  vehicles such as cars, buses, motorcycle training, vans or trucking that you want to learn, we have fully qualified driver instructors, the necessary logistics, modern facilities and safety and compliance measures that make it a success story where others have failed.

Are you still asking the question: how much is the fee for driving school? Or how much does it cost to learn driving in Nigeria? If you are looking for the cost of driving training in Nigeria, we urge you to check our affordable driving training cost. AB Drives offer unique benefits and bespoke training programs to help you become a qualified driver or even a driving instructor.

At AB Drives Nigeria, we give you affordable prices. We offer quality driving tuition fees and services at fair and considerable prices! So, depending on your training package or requirements, a Driving Course will usually cost between NGN35, 000 and NGN75, 000 for first time drivers; advanced driviers may pay more for other training packages.

AB Drives offers competitive price value to all of our new customers. Remember to call us to discuss the course that suits your budgets and perfect training process and timing. To Start Online Course Now: Simply Register, or click Book Appointment to schedule your first physical Lesson. You may choose the location and time that you want.

Again, the cost of a driving school will depend on your city, the current price of premium motor spirit or fuel, the estimated cost of classroom or online training, pick up and drop off options, and practical road training sessions. At AB Drivers Schools, we offer an all-inclusive package.

The above stated costs of driving training in Nigeria may include the cost of Complete Beginners’ Theory Training (Online or In-Classroom), Practical Driving Training (In-Car), Road Tests (Behind-the wheel times), Driving Theory Test and other available Training Materials or Facilities under request.

Except otherwise stated, this excludes Driving Simulator Training, Processing of Learners Permit for first time learner drivers and Hourly Rate Driving Assessment Test (on the road). Also, Exclusive Weekend Lessons may get additional 15% extra charge on above stated prices.

If you have any questions regarding our  pricing, lesson times, service locations or anything else; kindly get in touch with us now. Click here to find the list of our popular Drivers Training Courses.

According to the latest global recommendation, people learning to drive should purchase an average 82 hours of Professional Driving Lessons and take on average 7 months to pass the Driving Test. With the AB Drives Revolutionary System of Learning (ARSL), this average  driving-time or number of hours is reduced closer to 52 hours – a potential saving of up to 30 hours from the normal tuition.

However, the length of a training course would depend on one’s competency, consistency and scheduling. This is why it is important to choose the right training schoole and select the right learning program to suite your work schedules. Below are some of our Drivers Training Programs and Packages to consider.

Intensive Driving and Weekend Driving Lessons Compared

Intensive Driving Lessons 

For the busy working professionals who can only take driving classes during lunch hours – while in the office or during weekends; taking two or three driving lessons per week can help to spread out the training periods in a way that is convenient to you. But you will end up paying a little more and taking several weeks to pass your road test.

Semi-Intensive Driving Lessons 

The Intensive and Semi-Intensive Driving Courses provide far more popular options than weekend programs for many who need their drives license faster. Hence, this course model usually run through weekdays: Mondays through Fridays; with morning, noon or evening lesson options.

The Weekends Driving Lessons 

This course duration may run form weeks to few months. However, to attend all lessons successfully, the training needs to be carefully structured and expertly delivered. This may include integrating Online Learning in your training sessions. In all these, the learner is expected to put his/her best effort so that no time is wasted while in the car.

Our Drivers Training Packages:

  1. Intensive Program (Mondays to Fridays) – 3 Weeks.
  2. Regular Program (3 Times Lessons/Week) – 5 Weeks.
  3. Refresher Course (6 Lessons) – 2 Weeks
  4. Weekend Program (Saturdays Only) – 6 Weeks + Bonus Time.

UnderstandingKnowledgeSkillsAttitudesSafety are the keywords that have become the focus of AB Drives when it comes to Drivers Training and Assessment. Usually, drivers can encounter many challenges while on the road; including irresponsible drivers, faulty vehicle, poor weather conditions, heavy traffic, automobile skid control issues, drunk drivers, open road manoeuvring risks, driving under fatigue and using mobile devices or texting while driving. Our latest Driving Theory Test is designed to help you pass your exams and secure your drivers license with the FRSC. Click the link to learn nore about how to take the test.

Our experienced driving school teachers ensure you learn the right steering techniques, lane driving skills, rights of way rules, proper braking and parking methods, highways driving tricks, track racing skills, duties and responsibilities of a good driver and the best ways to avert these risks. Now lets look at why thit CBT Test is important. 

 #1. Understanding

AB Drives wants you to understand why a safe, defensive and considerate driving is better for everyone. And why aggressive, drag-race or reckless driving are wrong and may pose danger to you and other road users like yourself.

#2. Skills

Being a safe driver takes a lot of skills, experience, responsibility and judgment. Therefore, AB Drives will continue to provide the necessary resources and tools you need to be a step closer to your success. This test is a multiple choice questions and answers, and it is designed according to the global acceptable Driver Training Standards and from FRSC CBT Driving Questions.

#3. Knowledge

If you’re done with our theory driving lessons and now thinking about booking a Practical Driving Training, we recommend that you take and pass your specific course level test. Our online driving theory test is a great way to gain valuable knowledge as to what the practical driving road test will be like when you purchase a full driving training package.

 This test is divided into three parts and there are 50 questions to face in each category, covering general driving theory test and hazard perception test. The pass mark is 43 out of 50 and the test would be completed in 60 minutes or less.

>> Start Driving Test  Now

Do you have a question about top paying driving jobs in Nigeria? How to become a professional company driver, like bolt or ubar driver; rescue or emergency vehicle driver, and long distance traveling truck drive? AB Drives is open to individuals, agencies and corporate businesses who are seeking to advance their businesses and skills by hiring the services of our improved drivers, instructors and other service providers via Abdrives.com.ng

We have a team of friendly management staff who prepare the necessary logistics and resources to meet your specific requirements. In fact, we are hoping that no issue or misunderstanding would occur between you and AB Drives. Our Terms of Service explains the terms and conditions of use and other such applicable policies and obligations that bind you and us. Our Privacy Policy also explains how we collect, use and safeguard your persional information via the site.

Nevertheless, if your needs are not met swiftly; or you faced any service related issues while working with AB Drives Nigeria or its third party brands, please accept our apology for getting you involved. AB Drives will be grateful to assist you in any such situations; so we want to hear from you. Kindly fill out the online inquiry/request form to settle any service related challenges.

If this is a principal violation case, we recommend you get in touch with the management team via emails. Aside digital products which can be downloaded or consumed online at any time, all goods and services ordered on our website can be delivered once we have received payment.

Returns of products or cancellation of booked appointments/reservations or services at AB Drives are only allowed within three (3) business days upon order placement or delivery. If you changed your mind and want to cancel an item, please contact us by phone immediately before its successful delivered. Thank you and have a great day!

Are you a citizen or a foreigner in need of Nigerian License? Before getting a drivers license, have passed your driving driving school examination? Stop getting drivers’ license by proxy or leaning to drive on your own. Your parents or friends can teach you how to drive for free, but you cannot compare that to having a quality driving education from professional instructors. At AB Driving, your safety is our first priority! We are the Nigerian Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) accredited instructors, and best driving schools in Nigeria. Here, you can start your driving lessons online and end with in-car practices. 

A driver’s license is an official document that grants you the permission to operate one or more types of motorized vehicles in Nigeria, such as a motorcycle, car, truck, van or bus on a public road. If you are a Nigerian resident or tourist who is at least 18 years of age, then you are qualified to apply for the Nigerian driver’s license.

To get your drivers license, you need to first complete the mandatory driving training course at FRSC accredited Drivers’ Education Center. You need to pass the required Vision Test, Knowledge Test, Practical Behind-The-Wheel Test and obtain your Driving Proficiency Certificate; before taking the required FRSC Drivers License CBT Test.

Before processing your licensing applications and to ensure the quality of the drivers we produce at AB Drives Nigeria; a student that fails his/her Course Level Driving Test would have to take it over again. Most new drivers fail their road tests because they were not prepared. On the day when you finally became successful and your Driving Training Instructor (DTI) decides it’s time to forward your Driving License Application; AB Drives would issue a Certificate of Proficiency (MVP-278) to its fully qualified drivers.

Please note that this form or certificate is not a license or permit to drive on the public roads. However, it must be presented to the authority road test examiners at the time of application for a Driver’s License, or even to your future employers to prove your credentials. 

Kindly contact your local authority road safety team, nearest drivers’ license testing centres or visit the nearest Federal Road Safety Corps or Department of Motor Vehicles office; (DMV –  formerly Nigerian Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) to find out more on how you can renew your Driver’s License or obtain a new one. AB Drives will process your learner’s permit, temporary and permanent driver’s license at a fee. Whether 3 year of 5 years driving license, lean How to Get Nigerian Driving License in 5 Easy Steps.

As part of the general requirements to certify graduate students and to obtain a Driving License, our students may face three kinds of Training Tests: written, physical and online driving test. 

This Certificate of Completion is a proof that a candidate has completed the basic drivers education course with a driving school. 

At AB Drives, we conduct written, oral, physical driving and theory test for all our candidates. The physical test would examine the candidate’s physical features and medical conditions. The visual test will determine the person’s sight capability using our eye-testing procedures. While the written examination tests one’s level of knowledge about the basic driving techniques, attitudes, driving rules and safety regulations.

If the student passed the written and physical driving tests satisfactorily, a fresh applicant can now obtain a Certificate Number to enable him/her start the drivers license application process. The Learner’s Training Permit (LTP) allow you to take Practical Road Driving Lessons. We would schedule a regular practical lessons and road test (Behind-The-Wheel-Trainings) for students that meet our training requirements and paid the necessary fees.

You can start your program with our quality Online or In-person Defensive Driving Courses; conducted through virtual classrooms, downloadable eBooks and Lesson Manuals. Thus, each driving practice will be much more effective if you already understand the theoretical aspect of what you are trying to implement.

Please make sure you are well prepared by undertaking the Theory Classes and Training Sessions before applying for your driving school certificate or learner’s training permit which will also enable us to focus on the practical application at this stage. The end result is that you learn to drive far more quickly and safer than you would otherwise imagine.

Are you looking for local driving school in Nigeria that offer online drivers ed course, virtual driving safety program, advanced driver training course, driving Instructor training, school bus driver brush-up practice test, truck driver training in Nigeria, renewing motorcycle train driver improvement course, automatic driving lessons and car stick-shift motorist education classes? Welcome to A-B Auto driving school! We’re the Best Nigeria Driving School Near Me. Our department of public safety driving center provides approved driver CDL training handbook and driving instructor for any Dmv driving test. Our professional driving school offer retraining defensive driver education course, roadside private lessons. We are trusted road crashes defensive driving school that offers pick you up services for driver training candidates.

No. You can begin the classroom or online classes without a Nigerian learner’s permit. However, you will need your learner’s permit during the in-car lessons. Thus, to use the road at the time of the road test, you will need a Learner’s Training Permit (LTP). And to get your driving license from the FRSC, you will need a verifiable Driving School Certificate.

The Learner Permit is a requirement document for all learner drivers which award them the ability to use the road with the L-Plate sign attached to the front and back of the vehicle. Your learner’s permit lasts only three months. After which you can apply for your driver’s license.

What are Other Enrollment Requirements?

If you want to learn how to Drive Automatic Cars and Manual Shift Gears with Flexible Driving Instructions, we offer professional driving lessons for beginners and experienced drivers. AB Drives is one of the best driving schools in Lagos Nigeria that offer both interactive online course and in-car defensive driving classes. We have certified driving trainers, well serviced car models, well equipped driving centres and polite, friendly, courteous personnel that involve in different parents, adults and teenage practical and theory driving lessons.

Before attending our car driving school, bike riding or truck driving class, you’re required to provide your personal means of identification or residence visa passport (for international students) before your behind-the-wheel training. This identity card would also serve as your age declaration document; esspecially to be verified before a trainer and/or a car is assigned for teens driver’s ed.

To avoid getting into trouble with the authorities; the minimum driving age in Nigeria is 18 years. Although, teens can start their driver’s education with our online driving course from 15 years or more; pass the required written test or theory test and then upgrade to in-house driver training; until they come of age.  We offer private driving lessons, lunch-time driving classes, up-to-date college driving curriculum and secondary school safety training that equip our customers with world-class driving skills.

Alternately, you will provide 2 recent passport photographs to be attached to your driving school application form; that will be filled and submitted by you for admirative purposes only. We need to know about you previous driving record, certificate of completion (for short course), eye test or other medical reports; in case you have any condition that requires special care or attention while learning how to drive, please kindly let us know.

For teen driving session, the dedicated driving school tutor would like to get a letter of consent or no objection from your parents, guardian or sponsor. This will enable us provide the necessary support and assistance throughout your driving education program.

At AB Drives, we understand that you do not always have the time, and that your location may tend to affect your decision about taking this course. For this reasons, our lessons are usually designed to meet the needs of clients.

AB Drives offers online trainings, classroom trainings and offsite or in-car training at continent locations across each state of the federation. We have registered instructors and certified driving schools in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and across the country. Contact us now for more information regarding your prefered location.

Your course duration may run form days to weeks, and we encourage our potential applicants to promptly make payment for their lessons, so that we in turn can pay the Instructors and other charges when the lessons have been delivered.

Our online driver safety course is designed to help you develop the right attitude, skills and behaviours to drive in the safest busiest roads in Nigeria. With our improved online system of learning and road test, you will study in a flexible way that works for you.

Whether you want a pickup service from home, shop, school or workplace; simply tell us about your requirements, give us the direction and our team would locate you; wherever you are in Nigeria! We obey states traffic laws, road safety regulations, accidents reductions and ensure responsible driving habits.

Most of our vehicles are mechanically sound. They came with safety equipment and air conditioning installed for your comfort. They have insurance policies that cover any victim in case of accidents; that is what most of our students are talking about us!

Do you need an experienced driving school you can trust? We know the common mistakes most Nigerian auto driving schools and transport companies make and we will teach your wife, staff or children how to avoid them. We have several years of experience to develop, deploy and manage different types of fleet management projects that help our clients grow their businesses to global standards.

AB Drives Nigeria is a Lagos based transport management and motoring logistics agency trusted by young startups, house wives, celebrities, working class parents and large companies in Nigeria and other part of the world. We work with businesses and companies in different type of industries, including real estate, FMCG, healthcare, retail, banking, hospitality, insurance, agriculture, modern technology, telecommunications and SMEs. We partner businesses and individuals who want to outsource some of their driving functions and travel planning processes to expert agencies like us to achieve the required best results. Chat with our customer service team now. While AB Driving Academy has its headquarters in Lagos Nigeria, our driving school services, car rental services, home driving lessons, and breakdown car insurance cover and motoring advice cut across all states, cities, towns and villages in Nigeria. We have best driving schools in Abuja FCT, Port Harcourt Rivers, Aba Abia Umuahia, Yola Adamawa, Uyo Akwa Ibom, Onitsha Anambra Awka, Bauchi Kafanchan, Yenagoa Bayelsa, Makurdi Benue, and Maiduguri Borno state. We have many qualified driving instructors in Ikeja Lagos, Calabar Cross River state, Asaba Delta Warri, Abakaliki Ebonyi, Benin City Edo state, Ado Ekiti, Nsukka Enugu, Gombe Emirate, Owerri Imo state, Dutse Jigawa, Kaduna Zaria, Ife, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Kogi, Ilorin Kwara, Ikorodu, Lafia Nassarawa, Minna Niger, Abeokuta Ogun state, Akure Ondo, Osogbo Osun, Ibadan Oyo, Jos Plateau, Sokoto, Jalingo Taraba, Yobe state, and Gusau Zamfara that are the backbone of our Nigerian driving school franchise.

Contact Us Now We’re the flagship of safe driving in Nigeria.

Clients Testimonials

Were transforming aspiring teenagers and adult learners into senior drivers on today’s aggressive roads.

" I used to feel very nervous before while on the steering wheels. But now, I can drive any car with fun! ABDrives has a group of competent instructors who always make sure that students are comfortable during each of their driving classes."
Hilary Kelvin
"The Team is awesome! And always on time for each road driving practices. In fact, what makes ABDrives stand out from other driving schools in Nigeria is their commitment. They helped me undergo eye test to ensue I complete the training session and get my driver license."
Angustin Ann
"ABDrives starts all their driving instruction and training activities with physical or online driving classes. They train manual and automatic transmissions independently; using modern small cars for novice drivers and fresh-lane drivers which are easier to learn and operate."
David Onun

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