Affiliate Instructors & Driving Schools

If you want to make money by teaching new drivers the fundamental driving skills; then we are particularly keen to hear from you; no matter your state or city of residence in Nigeria. When you become ABDrives’ Franchisee or Affiliate Driving School, you will receive continual support that will enable you become a business owner, or start your own driving school and grow in the right direction.

Our Instructors Certificate Course will teach you everything you need to succeed. Interested individuals or driving schools will have the opportunity to work from their respective locations for extra cash. You will receive customer requests and provide the required services for an agreed commission fee. You can also become fully employed at any of our pre-established franchise that already has registered students. To get started, just followvthe below simple steps.

How To Join ABDrives Franchise Opportunity:

  1. Contact us now to request to be an affiliated instructor or driving school.
  2. Fill out and submit the Application Form sent to you.
  3. Once your application is accepted, we will reach out and arrange  in person or via online interview.
  4. If your application process is successful, you will be sent an email containing the “Onboard Process”.
  5. Nevertheless; where your application is denied, we will as well let you know immediately via email.
  6. Once selection exercise is completed, you will start your engagement sessions in your city.


The Onboard Process is a training section design to help you gain the required product knowledge, learn effective communicate skills and how to create lasting relationships with your candidates or potential clients. If you are just starting out, you can advance your skills with our Professional Driving Training

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Driving School Instructor Franchise

We’re rapidly increasing and we want to expand our coverage nationwide. At AB Drives, we seek creative, strong, and entrepreneurial partners who are ready to support our growth strategies by offering Drivers Instructor Certificate Courses and Teen Driving Courses, First Time Adult Classes, Drivers Refresher Courses, Private Coaching Lessons, Road Skills Enhancement Courses, Online Theory Exams, Corporate Training Programs and Security Driver Training Courses.

Becoming a driving instructor or schools contributor at AB Drives is a way to connect with the next generation of drivers in person and promote best road safety standards by teaching them the best skills. Everyone who has learnt to drive or taken driver’s lessons remembers their Driving Instructors (DI). They are the experts and experienced hands who set them on the first lane to the open road. It is a long established fact also that private agencies and companies are constantly looking for expert brains, experienced drivers, qualified instructors and logistics managers who can set them on the right lane to success.