We offer pick up and drop off for learner drivrs. Aside that, you can book for part time personal driving services, airport pickups and car rental services in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt using our Route Planning Service. No matter the type of vehicle you want to hire for your driving training, business trips, events, holiday or vacation in Nigeria, you can trust us to rent it for you.

AB Drives provides modern vehicles that are mechanically sound with installed safety equipments and Air Conditioning for your safety and comfort. Our experienced drivers have good understanding of the city roadmaps, traffic rules, packing lots and emergency stations to ensure you have a smooth driving experience.

If you are within Nigeria or just visiting Lagos or Abuja and you want a car pickup, personal transportation services or  hotel reservation upon arrival at the airports (Murtala Mohammed International airport, Nnamdi Azikiwe airport) or through other routes; you can have our team reserve the car, with a dedicated driver and hotel accommodation just for you.

How to Book  Pickups and Car Rental Services

All you need is to get in touch with us, send your valid means of identification, sign the rental agreement, pay for the reservation fee, and head to your destination. AB Drives provides car rental services with our offices located in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt terminals. Where our parking lot is not in the immediate vicinity of the pickup point, our courtesy shuttle services are available to take you and your luggage to the car lot, and no prior arrangements are needed for this service.

Whether you plan to lease the car for a certain period or you don’t have the Nigerian Drivers’ License to drive it yourself, you can hire a driver and arrange all your transportation needs through our website: Abdrives.com.ng. If possible, the reservation should be made far enough in advance so that a booking confirmation can be sent to you via email communication. At the time you reserved a car, we would need to know the date and the exact time the car will be picked up; including the make or type of car you desired, how long the car will be needed and whether you will need anything like experienced driver or chauffeur.

As a registered automobile motoring company in Lagos Nigeria, our fully qualified drives understand the rules of the road and are made available for hire by individuals or organizations that need our services. Our airport pickups and car rental services are fast and affordable ways to strengthen your road safety in Nigeria and ensure a hassle free travel arrangement for all Nigerian citizens, visitors or tourists. Contact us now to coordinate logistics through each stage of your journey. We help you cut through the cost, stress, and ensure you have a safe trip to Lagos, Abuja and other parts of country.


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