Instead of maintaining an in-house fleet of drivers, let us help you in cost savings, flexibility, and access to trained drivers. Our drivers outsourcing services includes hiring or recruiting of external drivers, training and outsourcing experienced drivers to meet your private and corporate business needs; such as transportation, logistics, delivery, ride-hailing, chauffeur services, pool driver management and staffing services.

With our drivers outsourcing services, companies and individuals can avoid the expenses associated with recruiting, training, and managing drivers by partnering with us to take care of these tasks; allowing them to scale their transportation operations based on demand, so they can easily adjust the number of drivers needed at a time. Depending on your specific needs, our services are arranged on a contractual or on-demand basis, so you can focus on your core business operations while leaving the transportation aspect to specialized drivers outsourcing company in Nigeria.

Our Drivers Outsourcing Services

#1. Driver Recruitment:

As a leading driver outsourcing firm with office in Lagos Nigeria, we’re responsible for sourcing, screening, and recruiting qualified drivers for our clients. We have an extensive network and recruitment process to find skilled and reliable drivers for you.

#2. Driver Training:

AB Drives offer training programs to ensure that the drivers we provide are knowledgeable and skilled in areas such as defensive driving, vehicle handling, safety regulations, and customer service. We have quality assurance measures in place to ensure that the drivers we provide meet the desired standards of professionalism, safety, and customer service. This can involve regular performance evaluations, customer feedback, and ongoing training and support.

#3. Driver Placement:

Once drivers are recruited and trained, we assign them to clients based on their specific requirements; matching the drivers’ skills, experience, and availability with the needs of the clients or their companies. We also provide temporary drivers to cover staff shortages, seasonal demands, or special events. This flexibility allows our clients to scale their driver workforce based on fluctuating needs.

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#4. Driver Management:

Our firm takes care of managing the drivers we provided to clients. This includes handling scheduling, attendance, performance monitoring, and compliance with relevant regulations based on request. Our primary goal is to provide you with qualified, reliable, and well-managed drivers, allowing clients to focus on their core areas while outsourcing their driver-related needs to competent partner like us.

#5. Fleet Management:

We also offer fleet management services, by assisting clients in managing and maintaining their fleet of vehicles. This include vehicle tracking, maintenance scheduling, and other administrative tasks if that is what you want. We handle administrative tasks related to drivers, such as payroll, benefits administration, insurance, and regulatory compliance. This outsourcing service helps to alleviate the burden for our clients.