Thank you for having interest in our driving lessons! We offer Professional Online and Offline Driving Training for young beginners, adult learners, nervous learners, special drivers and international students. With our flexible system of learning, candidates can study in ways that work best for them: online, at home, at work, or attend classes at  convenient learning locations across Nigeria.

Our courses are designed by fully qualified driving instructors; and in accordance with the Nigerian Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Code. These courses feature the latest States and Federal Approved Road Transportation Standards; and Vehicle Motoring Procedures. They are validated by several other automobile safety organizations worldwide; including high-quality online and practical driving training courses and road practices that help learners make the right progress in their driving journey.

See the list of all courses below. All our driving courses are designed with course objectives, learning outcomes, practical tests, assignments and quality course materials to help you. For more cost-effective solutions, these courses can also be delivered to employees or students at your own office or school premises. 

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Benefits of Our Professional Driving Training 

  1. Car insurance bills, accidents and bodily injuries drop substantially with our drivers who show graduation skills while on the roads.
  2. You study in the ways that work for you: at home, at work, online or in classrooms at our driving schools near you.
  3. You will get the understanding principles and driving techniques you need to drive your life, career, and business forward.
  4. With driving Certification and Licensing, you can begin a career in the automobile industry; which offers a lot of job security and satisfaction.
  5. You will get that driving experience you need to work for any transport or logistics company of choice in Nigeria or outside the country.


Best Online and Practical Driving Training

AB Drives specialize in short courses and workshops that are designed to meet your training and driving certification needs. Finding the right level of training is very important. Recommended training levels include the below list of our popular and safe and defensive driving training courses:

This course is available for first time drivers who want to ‘Start’ and make good progress. Here you will begin by learning about the rules of the road and the controls of the vehicle; before progressing to moving off and stopping of vehicles.

At the end of this Motorway Beginners Course, participants would learn the arts of safe driving and get the right attitude to defensive driving techniques. It includes the best theory test, practical and hazards perception test.


Why You Need Safe/Defensive Driving Courses?

Undertaking the prescribed courses in Automobile Drivers’ Education (Classroom and Behind-The-Wheel-Training) at an accredited institution is ideal for young professionals, parents, families, and business executives seeking to improve their driving skills and the general safety of others.

AB Drives develops its learning programs to suit individuals, groups and organizations specific requirements. Contact us today! We’re leaders in Defensive Driving Course, Traffic School and Drivers Education in Nigeria.

The Advance Driving training Course and Long Trial Schools are all you need to become a professional driver or commercial driver who need good road experience and who is seeking permanent career in the car-driving industry.

This Course is designed for refreshers and existing drivers who want to enhance their skills and quickly get back on tracks. At the end of this course, student would learn emergency prevention techniques, daily vehicle maintenance parades and everything you need to become a professional driver.

The AB Drives Bikeability Course is our New Riders Training Program designed to help you learn to ride safely and confidently on today’s busy roads. This Course is designed for cyclists who love to ride on bicycles, motorcycles, or even tricycles.

Whether it’s for work, school or pleasure, cycling is convenient, economical, environmental friendly and can help you keep fit and keep to time. With millions of people now choosing to cycle, safety is an increasingly important issue. The is because Cyclists are more exposed, less stable, small in size and more likely to involved in a road crash than Motorists.

Encouraging children and teenager to walk to school is a good idea. However, it’s important that children and teenagers understand the rules of the roads; especially how to cross the road safely. The STREET SMART is our Traffic and Road Safety Program that educates all pedestrians; especially children, teenagers, the elderly, and physically challenged about safety behaviours while walking on the road, crossing or driving.

Research has shown that young children can’t judge how fast vehicles are going or how far away they are. Teenagers and other pedestrians are easily distracted on the roads; especially when they’re with a group of friends.

Therefore parents are often best placed to help their children learn how to stay safe while on foot. Our road safety training and road crossing campaigns for school children and teenagers helps them follow safety guidelines while on the road.

Are you 18 years of age or just a few tantalizing months away? Do you want to learn the art of safe driving? This driver education program is for you. The Start Smart Driving Education is targeted at new, future and potential teenage drivers and their parents.

Here you are provided with the right information and resources to safe driving. All you need to do is take the lessons, do the quiz, and check if you have understood things under the guidance of your in-car dedicated driving Tutor who will monitor your progress.

The result is that you learn faster and look forward to each lesson.

Have you ever been stranded in a traffic due to car breakdown? Has a mechanic taken advantage of you on repairs? Avoid frequent vehicle breakdowns and save money on repairs with our Basic Vehicle Parade and Maintenance Course.

We offer this Short Cause to cover what you need to understand what may be wrong on your vehicles and be able to carry out basic vehicle maintenance and auto-care before visiting your service station or motor mechanic. This course will help you save money on repairs, avoid vehicle breakdowns or emergency; and help extend the life of your vehicles, making it safer and more dependable for you and your family.

The best part is that our basic car care training does not require any sophisticated understanding of the motor vehicles parts or their systems. What you need is the step by step regular checks, procedures and how to address issues promptly, including engine knocking or other noises as they arise.

The knowledge of first aid and fire fighting are among the most useful skills you need as a driver, a parent or a business owner. Fires have been made worse by many people who didn’t know what to do when unexpected incidences occur.

When things happen, you may have only a fraction of seconds to make the right move. At the end of this course, participants would know and be able to quickly fight fires and respond to emergency situations. This course is very important at home, at work/office or when you are driving.

To ensure maximum safety of individuals and assets in the case of emergency, a well-stocked first aid and fire fighting kits should be kept in easy reach. First aid and fire fighting kits are necessities in every home, vehicle and organization. We have a class to teach you occupational and personal safety; and all the tools that you need and the procedures to follow in case of fire, crash or bodily injuries due to accidents.

This course can take your from beginner to advance drive or from refresher to professional driver. It includes Special Defensive Driving, Security Convoy, Emergency Management  and Evasive Driving Techniques. 

The truth is that everyone needs to learn how to safely operate automobile devices at some point in their life. Driving is one of the most complex things that people do regularly that can injure or kill us. Being a safe driver takes a lot of skills, experience, responsibility, and judgment.

Whether it’s your first time to learn driving or you’ve already started to drive, any driver guilt of reckless or aggressive driving can take this drivers improvement course. This course teaches you ways of keeping crashes or accidents from happening and how to follow safety guidelines while on the road.

Here you will begin by learning about the rules of the road and the controls of the vehicle; before progressing to basic vehicle maintenance and emergency management systems and driving techniques.

Find how to get on the road with minimum fuss and hassle using our step by step guide! We offer the best theory, practical and hazards perception test! Contact Us