Nigerian Graduated Drivers Licensing Programs

Nigerian Graduated Drivers Licensing Programs

The Nigerian Graduated Drivers Licensing Programs are designed to offer Drivers the privilege of structured learning for the promotion of basic knowledge and skills in driving over an extended period of time.

Three Stages of Nigerian Graduated Drivers Licensing Programs Include:

  • The Learner’s Instruction Permit Stage
  • The Learner’s Testing/Probationary Stage
  • The Full Driver’s Licensing Stage


When you have successfully completed the prescribed Driver Education Courses from any accredited driving school and pass required driving test; you will be ready to get your own drivers license. This post will reveal everything you need to know and show you the best way available in getting your driver’s license in Nigeria.

Driver’s license is a legal document that confers on a driver the right or privilege to drive or operate one or more types of motor vehicles on a public highway without any in-vehicle supervisions. These vehicles may include a motorcycle, car, truck, or a bus.


The Learners Instruction Permit

Learner’s instruction permit is the legal document that gives a first time driver the right to operate or learn how to drive a motorized vehicle on a public roadway under the supervision of a licensed and experienced driver, especially one specifically trained and certified as other drivers’ instructor (DTI).

The Learner’s Instruction Permit Stage requires a Trainee Driver or a fresher to hold a learner’s permit for a period ranging from three months to one year. During this period, the trainee driver must enroll in an approved or accredited driving institution and undergo comprehensive theory and practical driving training sessions.

At this stage, a trainee driver can only drive when accompanied by a fully quailed Driver Training Instructor; certified by the National Association of Driving Instructors of Nigeria (NADIN) and licensed by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC).

He/she must not carry other passengers and must not drive late at night. According to the approved procedure, before a candidate can proceed to the next stage, he/she must have driven for not less than 50hours – without committing any traffic offence or at fault accidents.

To get an instruction permit to learn driving in Nigeria, you must be at least 18 years old and have passed some certain vision tests.


Who Needs the Nigeria Drivers License?

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on public roads in Nigeria is required by law to have a license to drive. The general requirements for getting the Nigeria drivers license include a written test, vision test and driving test.


How to Process a Driving License Application

  • First you must obtain a pass from driving instruction or driver education center approved by FRSC; with a third issue Learner’s Permit.
  • Obtain and complete form MVA 11 from the Motor Licensing Unit (MLU).
  • Attend the driving screening and approval with the appropriate authority and if successful;
  • Pay the required fees to the State Board of Internal Revenue (SBIR).
  • The application would then be processed and issued to you (when available).


Therefore, you may obtain a driver’s license if:

  • You are considered a Nigerian resident or tourist
  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • You have completed the prescribed Driver Education Courses
  • You have successfully pass required Vision Test
  • You have successfully pass required Knowledge Test
  • You have successfully pass Practical Driving Test


Classes of the Nigeria Drivers License to Consider

The Nigerian traffic laws defined different categories of drivers’ license. And below is a list the classes of drivers’ license we have in Nigeria.


Classes Vehicle Types
A Motorcycle
B Motor Vehicle of less than 3tones gross weight other than Motorcycle, Commercial Taxi, Stage Carriage or Omnibus
C Motor Vehicle of less than 3tones gross weight other than Motorcycle
D Motor vehicle other than Motorcycle, Commercial taxi, Stage Carriage or Omnibus but excluding an Articulated Vehicle or Vehicle dragging Trailer
E Motor Vehicle other than Motorcycle or Articulated Vehicle
F Agricultural Machines and Tractors
G Articulated Vehicles
H Earth Moving Vehicles
J Special, for Physically Challenged Persons



Wrapping up: Nigerian Graduated Driver Licensing Programs

Now you understand the meaning of the Nigerian Graduated Drivers Licensing Programs and the requirements in getting your driver license.

Depending on your type of vehicle; be it a car, a van, motorcycle, truck, or a bus; there are different categories of Nigerian drivers’ license available for you.

As a good driver, endeavor to follow the due process and never to obtain a diving license by proxy. Pay the stipulated fees and get a valid license to drive. Save yourself the embarrassment and cost of vehicle impoundments by doing the right thing!

If you have any questions on how to get your driver’s license in Nigeria, kindly contact your nearest vehicle licensing and road safety administration units. You can register or renew your license online at:



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