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How to Get Nigerian Driving License in 5 Easy Steps

This is a step by step guide on how to get Nigerian driving license in 5 easy steps. Contact us if you need drivers lisence processing or renewal. A Driver’s License is a legal document that confers on a driver the right to operate motor vehicles on a public highway – without any in-vehicle supervisions. These motor vehicles may include a motorcycle, a car, a truck, or a bus.

Driving a motor vehicle is a privilege and not a right. Your driving license is what grants you the privilege to operate a motor vehicle on the Nigerian Highways.

Having a license to drive implies that you are 18 years of age or above; and have undertaken the prescribed courses in Automobile Drivers’ Education (Classroom and Behind-The-Wheel-Training) at any FRSC accredited driving institutions.

These accredited institutions includes but not limited to driving schools approved by the Directorate of Motor Vehicle Administration (formally known as VIO), under the Federal Road Safety Commission Code.

The Nigerian traffic law defined different categories of drivers’ license that we have; however this information is beyond the scope of this post. Here we’re going to learn everything you need on how to get Nigerian driving license. But before we start, let’s take a look as some basic terms and stages involved in applying and processing the drivers’ license.


Who need a driving license?

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on public roads in Nigeria is required by law to have the valid license to drive.


What are the conditions for applying for drivers’ license?

You may obtain a Nigerian driver’s license if:

  • You are considered a Nigerian resident or tourist;
  • You are at least 18 years of age;
  • You have completed the prescribed Driver Education Courses;
  • You have successfully passed the required Vision Test,
  • You have passed the required Knowledge Test, and
  • Have successfully passed the VIO compliance Driving Test.


If you answered yes to all the above general requirements, then it’s time to apply for a license to drive in Nigerian States and the FCT. The above requirements include all the approved driving tests and procedures.

Moreover; the Director of Vehicle Inspection Service in Lagos State Nigeria, Mr. Gbolahan Toriola, agreed to this effect. Toriola noted that if one doesn’t follow the right procedures, there is no way the person would get a valid or original Nigeria driving license.

“We would impound the vehicle if we discover the driver has a fake license. There are security features to detect a fake license”– he noted.


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The Graduated Driver Licensing Program

In most countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa and like Nigeria; getting a driving license requires a first line driver to first attend a driving training at an accredited driving school; undergo certain knowledge and vision test – before one can be issued a license to drive.

This implies that Drivers’ Training, Testing and Certification are core values to road safety in other jurisdictions across the world.

The Nigerian Graduated Drivers Licensing Program (NGDLP) is originally designed to offer Drivers the privilege of structured learning for the promotion of basic knowledge and skills in driving over an extended period of time.


3 Stages of Nigerian Graduated Driver Licensing Program:

  • The Learner’s Instruction Permit Stage.
  • The Learner’s Testing and Probationary Stage.
  • The Full Driver’s Licensing Stage.


The Learners Instruction Permit Stage

Learner’s instruction permit is the legal document that gives a first time driver the right to operate or learn how to drive a motorized vehicle on a public roadway under the supervision of a licensed and experienced driver, usually know as a Driving Training Instructor (DTI).

Why you need Learner’s instruction permit?

A driving training instructor is a qualified driver who is certified by the National Association of Driving Instructors of Nigeria (NADIN) to train other intending drivers and retrain existing ones.

Thus, the Learner’s Instruction Permit Stage requires a Trainee Driver to obtain a learner’s permit for a period; ranging from three months to one year while undergoing his/her trainings.

During this period, the trainee driver must enroll in an approved or authorized driving school – to undergo comprehensive theory and practical driving training sessions.


The Learner’s Testing and Probationary Stage

When you choose to train, most driving schools and the driving licensing officers would conduct several tastings; including written, physical and driving test on each student.

The physical test would examine the candidate’s physical features and medical conditions. The visual test will determine the person’s sight capability using the recommended eye-testing procedures and devices.

The written tests would examine one’s level of knowledge about the basic driving techniques, driving attitudes, driving rules and regulations after receiving his/her intensive driving classes.

If the student passed the above written and physical tests satisfactorily, he/she would be scheduled on a regular practical lessons and road tests. This is the behind-the-wheel-trainings for the students that meet the training requirements.


The Full Nigerian Driver’s Licensing Stage

This is the License application compliance stage. Before a candidate can precede to this stage; he/she must have taken enough driving exercises or have driven for not less than 51hours – without committing any traffic offence or at fault accidents.

During this period, it is notable that a learn driver must not carry other passengers and must not drive late at night. He or she needs to provide for all the requirements in getting the awaited driving license.

So, below is our 5 steps guide on how to get Nigerian driving license.


How to Get Nigerian Driving License in 5 Easy Steps

  1. First obtain a pass from approved driving school; with a third issue Learner’s Permit.
  2. Obtain and complete Form MVA 11 from the FRSC’s Motor Licensing Unit (MLU).
  3. Attend driving screening at designated office location and get approval with the appropriate authority.
  4. If successful, pay the required license application fees to the State Board of Internal Revenue (SBIR).
  5. Collect your Temporal Driving License and wait till the processed original driving license is ready for collection.


What is the Cost of Getting a Nigerian Driving License?


Wrapping up: How to Get Nigerian Driving License

So this is How to Get Nigerian Driving License by visiting any of the nearest Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) office location to submit your applications.

Alternatively, the FRSC has made the new Nigeria Drivers License registration process very easy.

Apart from manual application method; you can also apply for a new license or renewal of your drivers’ old Driving license online.  Visit the Nigeria drivers’ license official website for more information.

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