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Now that you are done with the Course category Driving Theory Test, it is time to take the necessary Practical Driving Test This road exercise is designed to examine our learn drivers’ ability to drive the motor vehicles safely and confidently. This test includes a combination of on-road driving maneuvers and various traffic scenarios based of the FRSC driving test practice. Throughout this session, certified driving examiners would be assigned to evaluate candidates’ driving skills and adherence to traffic rules and regulations.

The successful completion of this practical driving test is a requirement for the issuance of driving school certificate and obtaining of driver’s license. The goal of this practical driving lessons is to ensure that individuals possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitude to drive safely and responsibly, while reducing the risks associated with inexperienced or unqualified drivers.


What to Expect In Practical Driving Test


#1. Assessing Driving Skills:

Our practical driving test evaluates candidates’ ability to apply their knowledge of traffic rules and road safety measures while driving. The examiners assesses student skills in handling the vehicle, maneuvering through different traffic situations, and executing various driving techniques.


#2. Ensuring Road Safety:

Practical driving test helps to ensure that individual who wants to obtain driver’s license has demonstrated a certain level of proficiency in driving before getting certified. By assessing your ability to navigate the roads safely and responsibly, the aim this test is to reduce the risk of accidents and promote overall road safety.


#3. Evaluating Knowledge of Traffic Laws:

During the test, candidates are expected to demonstrate their understanding of traffic laws, road signs, and signals. They need to follow these rules and regulations appropriately while driving by showcasing their knowledge and ability to apply it in practical driving scenarios.


#4. Testing Hazard Perception:

The examiners will also evaluates candidates’ ability to identify and respond to potential hazards on the road. This includes recognizing and reacting appropriately to situations such as pedestrians crossing, cyclists, andother vehicles; inluding different road conditions, and unexpected events.


#5. Assessing vehicle control:

Our Students are usually evaluated on their ability to control the vehicle effectively and safely. This includes tasks such as steering, braking, accelerating, changing of gears (if applicable), and using indicators correctly. The examiner assesses their proficiency in handling the vehicle and ensuring smooth operations, and controlled maneuvers.


#6. Promoting confidence and competence:

The driving test serves as an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their competence and build confidence in their driving abilities. By successfully completing this test, new drivers can gain a sense of accomplishment and readiness to independently operate any vehicle on public roads.