Road Safety Advice for All Drivers

20 Important Road Safety Advice for All Drivers

Today, driving is necessary part of our lives; and we need competent drivers to keep the roads safe for everyone.  Here is our list of 20 most important road safety advice for all drivers and potential drivers who are currently undergoing their driving trainings.


Who is a driver?

A motorist, popularly known as driver is a person who drives a car, truck, or a bus on a public roadway. In most common case, drivers are enclosed in motor vehicles as compared to cyclists. And so, they always feel protected and immured from accidents.

However, the driver of a vehicle has only the protection guaranteed by his/her strict obedience to traffic rules and regulations. In Nigerian road use act, it is an offence when one attempts to secure or knowingly possess a false driver’s license or learning permit.

As a good driver, following this important road safety advice for all drivers and adhering strictly to other safety driving tips will help you stay safe while on the road. This list also includes the important safety guides and qualities that make a good and professional driver.


20 Most Important Road Safety Advice for All Drivers


10 Important Road Safety Tips for All Drivers

  1. Think safety first! Attend a formal driving training to learn the right skills.
  2. Pass the road test, follow the right procedures and get a valid Driver License to drive.
  3. Get the right attitude to safety and defensive driving; be patient, don’t drink and drive.
  4. Before you start, ensure the vehicle is in good working condition. Conduct daily vehicle parades.
  5. Leave earlier; plan your journey ahead, identify potential road hazards, traffic congestions and how to avoid them.
  6. The best protection inside the vehicle is the seat belts – use them for your own safety.
  7. While driving, avoid distractions like talking with friends and passengers, making or receiving phone calls.
  8. Obey traffic signs and signal lights, including lights at pedestrian crossings;
  9. DO NOT overrun Red Lights!
  10. Always drive to save a life!


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10 Qualities of Good and Professional Drivers

  1. Avoid lane indiscipline and dangerous driving.
  2. Do not exceed the legal speed limits – they are there for a reason.
  3. Don’t drive through roads, or streets where driving is not allowed.
  4. Avoid driving the wrong way up a one-way road or street.
  5. Remember to slow down while approaching built-up areas.
  6. Always give way for pedestrians and other road users like yourself.
  7. Use your horn to inform other road users of your presence and not to intimidate them.
  8. Fit your horn, wiper or mirror – if your vehicle is not fitted with one.
  9. Drive with caution under several weather conditions.
  10. Always use your lights in the rain, dark or if the weather is overcast.


Wrapping up: 20 Important Road Safety Advice for All Drivers

This is our list of 20 most Important Road Safety Advice for All Drivers. We hope you will become a professional driver after reading this post? You can contact us to request a free information pack and downloadable resources.

As a learner driver or experiences on, also know what to do in cases of emergency by making sure you pass through the stipulated driving education programmes, undertaking the practical and refresher road test as necessary.

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