Fight for road safety now! Become a Road Safety Club Ambassador at AB Drives. Let’s fight for change and make the roads safer for all.

With the increased rates of road traffic crash (RTC) on our roads, individuals and agencies have raised concern for a different approach to road safety campaigns.  Accidents are the biggest threat to our lives, careers, families and businesses.

An accident is defined as an incidental and unplanned event that could have been prevented; when the circumstances leading up to the accident had been recognized, and acted upon, prior to its occurrence.

Physical examples of automobile traffic accidents include head-on collisions; motor-vehicle rear-end collisions, side-impact collisions, vehicle rollovers, fatal crashes or falls occurring among those involved. Other forms of accidents include home and workplace injuries arising out of fire, exposure to poisonous elements or contacts with sharp or electrical objects.

According to the National Bureau of Labour Statistics, more than 337 million accidents happen each year. And despite the scale and severity of the problem, there is a pervasive belief amongst some people that accidents are somehow inevitable – that they can’t be stopped. Imagine if we have the same attitude towards Cancer, Ebola, Coronavirus, HIV and other deadly diseases?


Nigerian Traffic Laws and Regulations

From The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC)

A 2012 Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) report revealed that over 4,200 people were killed in accidents across the country. According to the report, this undesirable increase in the number of deaths and injuries is due to the fact that nearly 45% of vehicle drivers are not knowledgeable about road signs and safe driving techniques.

While there were several causes of road traffic accidents worldwide, human errors were found to be the major cause – constituting about 90% deaths. And out of this percentage, drivers’ actions and attitudes make up 80% of motor vehicle road accidents.

Other two factors include mechanical and environmental factors – such as poor vehicle maintenance facilities, bad road network and adverse weather conditions among others.

Since an accident is never a deliberate attempt to cause injury or inflict pain on others, there is a need to educate all road users on how to avoid unnecessary road accidents. This is the sure way to keep them alive and make our roads safer.

Road safety should be a shared responsibility – better carried out through mass volunteerism and sacrifices from respective agencies, road management experts, business groups and corporations.


The AB Drives Road Safety Club Membership

The AB Drives Road Safety Club (ABRSC) is established with the aim of educating individuals and groups to inculcate good behaviors while on the road.  Since our Mission is to save lives and reduce the number of injuries on our roads every year. AB Drives has been working behind the scenes to change the attitudes surrounding accidents in Nigeria.

From the compulsory wearing of seatbelts, ban on the use of mobile phones behind the wheels and the campaign against drunk driving; we know there is still much hard work to be done. We carry out research, influence, inform; audit and providing road safety education to individuals, schools and corporate businesses.

Help prevent accidents on our roads! We’re confident that with your help, we will overcome the challenges ahead of us; and build a global community where no family needs suffer the anguish of accidents that didn’t need to happen. This new Drivers Safety Schemes are shaping the society for the better, preventing thousands of deaths and serious injuries all the way!


How To Join Our Road Safety Campaigns?

  • #1. Start your driving training at AB Drives Nigerian and learn all the skills about safe driving!
  • #2. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms: @abdrives4life, for daily safety tips.
  • #3. Spread the word about the importance of safe at home, at work or while driving to your family members, friends and colleagues.
  • #4. Become a volunteer by getting involved as a partner or contribute financially in support of our road safety awareness campaigns and educational programs.
  • #5. Join the AB Drives Road Safety Club Membership today.  Contact us to become part of our programs.
  • #6. You can also request our speaker for your business seminar presentations; primary and secondary schools children safety tutorials.
  • #7. Sponsor our Radio/TV Traffic School Program every week; for the best safe driving techniques, emergency management procedures and automobile maintenance tips.



Benefits of Road Safety Club Membership

  • You will become a Road Safety Ambassador at AB Drives.
  • Get daily traffic updates and road safety tips.
  • Save lives and reduce road accidents in our society.
  • Get free consultations and breakdown rescue assistance.
  • Promote your business on safety radio or events programs.