We offer vehicle tracking services that allow individuals or businesses to monitor the location, movements, and other data of their vehicles in real-time. These services involve the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to track and transmit information about your vehicle’s whereabout.

We provide innovative suppot such as live tracking, geofencing, route planning, vehicle diagnostics, and automated alerts for events like over speeding or unauthorized use, including fleet management services, logistics, theft prevention, and improving your overall vehicle operational efficiency.

Our Vehicle Tracking Services

#1. Real-time mobile tracking:

We offer real-time tracking of vehicles using GPS technology. This allows individuals and businesses to monitor the exact location and movement of their vehicles at any given time. We use mobile applications that enable managers to access tracking and fleet management features on the go. This enhances operational efficiency and provides real-time information at the fingertips.

#2. Speed limiter installation: 

Speed limiter is a crucial measure implemented to enhance road safety and reduce accidents caused by excessive speeding. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) of Nigeria has mandated the installation of speed limiters in all commercial vehicles such as buses, taxis, trucks, etc. These devices are designed to restrict vehicles from exceeding a predetermined speed limit, usually set at 120 km/h on highways. The initiative aims to enhance road safety, fuel efficiency, reduce fatalities, curb reckless driving and ensure drivers compliance with traffic regulations. 

#3. Fleet management:

As a leading vehicle tracking firm in Nigeia with head office in Lagos, we assist in fleet management by providing a centralized platform to monitor and control a fleet of vehicles. This includes features such as route optimization, scheduling, and dispatching. We provide integration capabilities with other business systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software to allow seamless data exchange and customized solutions to meet your specific business requirements.

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#4. Theft prevention and recovery:

By installing tracking devices in vehicles, AB Drives helps you prevent theft and increases your chances of recovery in case a vehicle is stolen. This allows for quick identification of the vehicle’s location, aiding the law enforcement agencies in the recovery process. Contact us now, our primary goal is to enhance your efficiency, improve safety, and reduce costs for clients that rely on our vehicle tracking services.

#5. Performance monitoring:

AB Drives provides data and analytics to assess vehicle performance and driver behavior. This information helps to optimize fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, assist drivers outsourcing management and enhance overall fleet performance. Our platform generates comprehensive reports and analysis based on the collected data. These reports help businesses gain insights into fleet utilization, operational efficiency, and cost management.

#6. Maintenance scheduling:

We provide automated reminders and alerts for scheduled maintenance tasks based on mileage, engine hours, or other parameters. This ensures vehicles are properly maintained, reducing the risk of breakdowns and improving longevity. This also promote driver safety and compliance with regulations; including monitoring speed limits, harsh braking or acceleration, and adherence to prescribed routes, irrespective of work zones.