About AB Drives Nigeria

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AB Derives is an automobile motoring and drivers education company that believes in the responsible use of the Nigerian roads. Our services include Drivers Training and Certification Services, Traffic/Road Safety Schools, Vehicle Emergency Assistance, Drivers Outsourcing, Logistics, Automobile Leasing, Insurance and Facility Management.

Since inception in 2015, AB Drives have trained over 52 Certified and FRSC Licensed Drivers in Nigeria; made up of different cadres and drawn from different parts of the country. We are currently investing in our own infrastructures; and have put in place various skill acquisition and training programs to enable our people deliver quality service results.

Our Mission:

We are actively involved in the promotion of safety and prevention of accidents in all areas of life – on the roads, in schools, at home, at work and at leisure. Our Mission is to save lives and reduce the number of injures on our roads every year. Get more information about our winning business models on our ideal web front: Abdrives.com.ng; and social media handles @abdrives4life.

Contact Us Now:

  • Hotline: +234 80641 77970
  • Email: drivesab@gmail.com
Theory and Practical Driving Training

Our Process:

AB Drives is a one-stop shop for all your driver’s needs. To facilitate more access to our resources and continue our global networking ambition, AB Drives provides excellent driving experience for individuals or organizations that call us. We create effective drivers learning and supportive options and provide daily road safety advice you need to enjoy safe driving for life!

As an organization, our commitment is on 100% satisfaction of our customers; offering reliable products, and responding quickly to service deliveries. We have a team of dedicated project relationship managers; customer oriented sales representatives and technical support agents that will answer all your service related queries.