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How to Book Appointment

Whether you are using your own car or our vehicles; road skills tests are administered on recommended roads and locations. On the day of your scheduled road test, you must:
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before the appointment;
  • Bring your valid learner permit (if available);
  • If you are using your own vehicle; ensure that the vehicle fulfills the safety requirements;
  • That it has valid registration, proof of ownership and insurance cover;
  • And, remember to wear your seat belt.

Vehicles Used for Road Test Must:

  • Have a hand emergency brake located between the seats and any other extra breaking and steering control systems;
  • Have a current registration or inspection sticker and display a front and rear license tag;
  • Have properly functioning brake lights, turn signals, horn, and driver’s side mirrors;
  • Have a clean windshield providing an unobstructed field of vision; and have a rear view mirror.

How to Cancel Appointments

Cancellation is defined by ABD as the act of declaring a driver’s training engagements or road test appointments void and terminated. You may cancel a road test when you change your mind or due to any other reasons. If you have decided to cancel your orders, kindly call us by phone immediately. Failure to cancel a scheduled road test or lesson within 24 hours and ABD concluded arrangements for the test will result in a cancellation fee. This fee will be collected the next time you complete a driving or training related transaction with us. However, this fee will not be charged if you cancel your orders prior to one business day or if AB Drives cancels your road test and notify you.

How We Cancel Your Orders

We may cancel your orders or road test for one or more of the reasons listed below: The instructor or examiner believes he or she would have trouble with the vehicle, especially in reaching the brake or otherwise stopping the vehicle in an emergency. There is inclement weather or other circumstances beyond our control; which can make driving dangerous; or where you have not met all of the business requirements. If you are just 18 years, your training and application must be endorsed by your parent(s) or legal guardian. And whoever signs your application form agrees to take responsibility for all your driving activities. If the signer decides not to accept responsibility for your driving, your training will be canceled. Please read our Term of Service and Privacy Statement to understand how we serve you.

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